Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive for Business allows you to store your files on the cloud and seamlessly integrate and access your files on other applications of Office 365 suite. OneDrive enables real-time co-authoring in familiar desktop apps like Word and PowerPoint, and saves you time with a single click to attach files to emails in Outlook.


There are two ways to access Microsoft Teams:

Web Portal

Log in the Office 365 Web Portal using as your user name.

Click the upper left waffle icon for a menu of Office 365 Applications, click OneDrive.


A new browser window will appear and OneDrive will load.

Desktop Application

Installers for Office 365 desktop applications including Office 2016 and OneDrive can be found on the web portal.

After signing in, click on the gear on the upper right hand corner to display the Settings column, click on Office 365 at the bottom.


A new browser window will open, click on Software to install the latest version of Office (including OneDrive )


Yet another browser window will open and you can download and install the software for your operating system by clicking install. You can install Office 2016 for up to 3 computers.

The example picture is for Windows.


Uploading Files

Click on the Upload menu, select whether you want to upload files or an entire folder.


Managing Files

Right click on a file to get a contextual menu, select the command you wish to execute.


Sharing Files

Right click on a file, then select Share.

Enter names or emails of people in the AOS Department you wish to share the file with. Click Share.


Saving Files to OneDrive in Office 2016

To save a file to OneDrive directly from a Office 2016 application (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc), select File > Save As > OneDrive - University of California


To open a file that's on OneDrive just go to File > Open.

Additional Help and Resources

Microsoft has a dedicated website of videos for OneDrive for Business, OneDrive for Business training.

Additional documentation and functionality of OneDrive for Business

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