AOS Printing

  • MS 7964 - Lexmark MS710 (B&W)
  • New MS 7964 - HP Color Laserjet M553 (Color) — Must update papercut to use
  • MS 7150 - HP LaserJet 500 color M551 (Color)
  • MS 7150 - Xerox (B&W)
  • New BH 9264 - HP Color Laserjet M553 (Color)

If your group has its own printer(s), please see your local administrator for details.

Warning: You must have an active AOSID in order to print to any of the departmental printers.

You can request an AOSID from AOS Support.

Installing the Print Management Client

Before you can print to any of the departmental printers you must be running the latest version of PaperCut Client.

Download and install the latest PaperCut client for your appropriate operating system. You may have to uninstall your previous version of PaperCut depending on your operating system.

Adding New Printers

Please follow the instructions below for your operating system.


  • Step 1: Open System Preferences > Printers & Scanners


  • Step 2: Click the + icon to launch the Add printer tool.


  • Step 3: Select any printer ending in @ argos from the list


  • Hint: Repeat step 3 to add any additional printers.


Step 1:

Launch Windows Explorer from the taskbar


Step 2:

Open the Control Panel, go to Devices and Printers

Category View:


Icon View:


Step 3:

Click on Add a Printer up on top, then click The printer I want isn't listed.

Step 4:

Choose Select a shared printer by name and type in the printer's name that you wish to add, a list of printer names can be found here:


Step 5:

Select the Manufacturer and Printer Model that corresponds to the printer you are adding:

Lab_BW - (Lexmark MS710 Series)

Lab_color - (HP Color LaserJet M553)

Copyroom_color - (HP LaserJet 500 color M551)

Xerox - (Generic PostScript Printer)

BH9_color - (HP Color LaserJet M553)



Step 1:

Open System Settings


Step 2:

Select Printers, click Add


Step 3:

If you are on the AOS Network, the list of printers will automatically begin to populate, the printers you will need to add will all be listed under, add each one individually by clicking Forward.


Step 4:

Provide a meaningful name for the new printer and click Apply


Step 5:

Repeat for any additional printers

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