AOS Security and Malware Software

The AOS IT department does not support or recommend the use of Sophos Anti-Virus that is provided by the University free of charge. We have found that Sophos is not only ineffective at preventing threats from installing or executing maliciously, it is also a system resource hog, dramatically slowing down the performance of computers it is installed on.

AOS IT provides a cloud based malware protection in the form of Avast! Business Anti-Virus, cloud based malware allows the IT department to manage the malware software and monitor systems remotely with little or no involvement from the end user. For additional protection, installation of Malwarebytes is recommended.

All Windows computers must be running Avast! Business Anti-Virus

Click on the appropriate operating system to download the installer for Avast! Business Anti-Virus

If you believe your computer is infected with a virus, please install Malwarebytes, run a scan and contact AOS Support.

Click on the appropriate operating system to download the installer for Malwarebytes

An advertisement blocker plug-in for your primary web browser is suggested to prevent malicious advertisements from loading and online privacy.

uBlock Origin has plugins for all modern web browsers, install the one(s) appropriate for your browser(s):

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