AOS Storage Solutions

The Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences provides several different storage options for affiliated personnel and students. These options range from local storage servers to cloud based solutions. Most research groups at AOS have their own storage systems managed by AOS IT. Please contact if you have questions regarding local storage.

There are also several university approved cloud storage options.

  • UCLA Box Enterprise service - The officially supported cloud storage solution for UCLA. Every UCLA user with a valid Bruin Online Account has access to Box storage.
  • AOS Office 365 One Drive - As part of AOS subscription to Office 365, all department personnel are given access to One Drive, Microsoft's cloud storage solution.
    • Hint -Please contact AOS Support if you have any questions.
  • Various 3rd Party Commercial options:
    • Apple iCloud
      Note - all 3rd party storage solutions have varying degrees of compliance with UCLA's privacy / information policies.

Alert: Dropbox is NOT authorized as a cloud storage option at UCLA due to security concerns and non-HIPPA compliance. Please do NOT use Dropbox for any official university documents, files or storage.

UCLA Box Enterprise

Box is the official cloud storage solution of UCLA. To use UCLA Box Enterprise service go to and login with your UCLA Login ID and password.

More information about UCLA Box Enterprise can be found here.

Specific instructions on setting up individual accounts.

Once you have setup an individual account you may create departmental and organizational accounts.

Sharing folders and files on Box

To share folders and files to individuals outside of UCLA with Box, click on the “Share” link right column. Select “People with the link” under Access Type (by default “People in your Company” will be checked, this is for only people within UCLA or AOS).


Once you have selected “People with the link” you can email the Shared Link to them so they may have access to the file(s) and/or folder(s).


AOS IT also provides sFTP access to AOS users upon request. After requesting access, your AOSID and password will grant you access to

Erato offers users both public (/data) and private (/home/) locations to store your data.

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