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Cloud Storage


There are several university approved cloud storage options, including the official option of UCLA Box Enterprise service. Commercial options include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive; while the departmental option is AOS Cloud.

NOTE: Dropbox is NOT authorized as a cloud storage option at UCLA due to security concerns and non-HIPPA compliance. Please do NOT use Dropbox for any official university documents, files or storage.

UCLA Box Enterprise

Box is the official cloud storage solution of UCLA. To use UCLA Box Enterprise service go to and login with your UCLA Login ID and password.

More information about UCLA Box Enterprise can be found here.

Specific instructions on setting up individual accounts.

Once you have setup an individual account you may create departmental and organizational accounts.

AOS Cloud

The AOS IT department has setup a departmental cloud storage solution which is only accessible on the AOS network. As with most AOS IT services, your AOS ID and password are your credentials for AOS Cloud.

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