Teaching Resources


AOS offers four rooms for instructional use within the Mathematical Sciences Building. All four rooms contain a high definition projector, white/black/glass boards, WiFi access, and wireless presentation capabilities.


Remotes, adapters, pointers, and other classroom materials can be checked out from AOS staff in MSA 7127.

Wifi access, system accounts, and technical support can be requested from AOS support or in person in MSA 7101A.


  • MSA 7101 - Computer Lab: Consists of 30 Mac computers and can seat 30 students.
  • MSA 7121 - Classroom
  • MSA 7124A - Classroom
  • MSA 7124B - Classroom
  • MSA 7964 - Terminal room: Linux terminals for general use or small individual study classes.


The following devices are available for check out for AOS instructors, graduate students, and instructional assistants:

  • Remotes / Pointers: are available in MSA 7127
  • Display adapters: HDMI, VGA, and DVI adapters can be checked out from the front desk (MSA 7127) or AOS IT (MSA 7101A)
  • Ethernet Adapters
  • Storage Devices
  • MacBooks / PC notebooks
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