AOS offers four rooms for instructional use within the Mathematical Sciences Building. All four rooms contain a high definition projector, white/black/glass boards, WiFi access, and wireless presentation capabilities.

Supplies and Assistance

For teaching assistance please consult UCLA Teaching Resources & Services

For assistance with AOS classrooms and equipment please visit:

  • MSA 7127 for general assistance or to check out:
    • projector remotes
    • adapters (Network, VGA, HDMI)
    • pointers
    • classroom materials (markers, chalk, etc)
      Note - MSA 7127 is often closed from 12:00pm - 1:00pm. Please plan accordingly.
  • AOS IT Services (MSA 7101) for technical assistant and support
    • Walk-ins are welcome, but emails are appreciated - AOS support

Classrooms / Computer Labs/ Study Areas

  • Computer Lab (MSA 7101) - Synoptic Computer Lab (provides seating for 30 students)
    • Consists of 27 Linux / Mac computers
    • Contains a high definition projector offering HDMI and wireless AirPlay connections
    • Available to homework/study use whenever class is not in session (M-F 7:00am - 6:00pm)
  • Mini-Lab (MSA 7964) - Mini Computer Lab / Study room / Print Center
    • Open for homework/study use (M-F 7:00am - 6:00pm)
  • MSA 7121 - Classroom
    • Contains a high definition projector offering HDMI and VGA connections
  • MSA 7124A - Classroom containing:
    • a high definition projector offering HDMI and wireless AirPlay connections
    • speakers
  • MSA 7124B - Classroom containing:
    • a high definition projector offering HDMI and wireless AirPlay connections
  • MSA 7150 - Copy / Print center (no computers)

AOS Lab Accounts

If you would like to use the AOS computer lab in your course, please email AOS support to request undergraduate accounts.

  • Alert: Please include the course number for your class in the subject line of your email.

Undergraduate AOSIDs

Undergraduate accounts need to be renewed each term and are currently only created upon request.

  • Usernames - undergraduate AOS usernames will match your student's BOL/CCLE username
    Hint: Instructors can look up student usernames using the CCLE roster.
  • Passwords - when undergraduate accounts are created, each student will be given a temporary password that will expire after their first login. Upon expiration students will have to set their own password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and contain three of the following:
    • upper case letter
    • lower case letter
    • number
    • symbol
      Password Resets : students or instructors may request a new password by visiting AOS IT in MSA 7101A.
  • Classroom / Shared folder - Instructors may request a shared class folder for sharing assignments by contacting AOS support, however CCLE is the preferred method for distributing files to you students.

AOS Linux Lab

The AOS Linux lab is made up of roughly 30 Fedora Workstations. A brief introduction to the Gnome desktop environment can be viewed here: - Navigating Gnome

  • Logging in to - Click the 'Sign In' button and enter in order to sign in using your BOL account.

AOS Mac Lab

Coming soon

Checking out Devices

The following devices are available for short-term check out for AOS instructors, graduate students, and instructional assistants:

  • Remotes / Pointers: are available in MSA 7127
  • Display adapters: HDMI, VGA, and DVI adapters can be checked out from the front desk (MSA 7127) or AOS IT (MSA 7101A)
  • Ethernet Adapters
  • Storage Devices
  • MacBooks / PC notebooks / iPads
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